Michelle Hansen

My passion for horses started from a young age when my family and I lived in Denmark. We moved from Denmark in 1993 and we began our journey in Australia where I continued my riding at the RDA in Kellyville.

I found myself riding for pleasure and wanting to be around my horses for relaxation and wellbeing in my life. I decided that I wanted to offer the same in return to the horses. I wanted them to reach optimum relaxation. In 2014 I started my journey of an equine sports therapist by starting my course with Equestricare. I Became fully qualified in February 2016 and started my Business Horse in Hand Equine Sports Therapy.

Horse In Hand offers a range of therapies to help every type of horse reach optimum suppleness, prevent injuries, rehabilitation of injuries and general well being. Every horse from your best paddock mate to the highly competitive will benefit from the treatments I offer.